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So I put a vague throwaway reference in lust like remembrance to this random-headcanon-I-made-up-on-the-spot-but-rather-liked, where Shinon left Daein with Greil. Since I made it up on the spot, I didn't give it much thought, beyond a general feeling, and the feeling was: (1) Shinon is pretty bitchy about being with the mercenaries, (2) we're given some heavy-handed hints that the main reason for him bothering to stick around is some intense admiration for Greil, so (3) seems like that sort of admiration may have started young.

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So after the little stunt Naesala pulls in FE10, Tibarn makes it clear in no uncertain terms that he fully intends to get revenge:
Naesala: Now, now, Tibarn. I know you're angry, but we'll work it out when this is over.
Tibarn: Not a chance, Naesala. I hope you've said all your prayers and farewells. After I break every bone in your body, I'm going to rip your wings off and feed them to you before you get to die.
Tibarn: Hmph...fine. You get to live now, Naesala. Once this is done, though, you're a corpse.
And that's not just a throwaway scene. Tibarn repeats this threat a bit later (something "I'll be wearing your beak as a trophy" something, man I love his colorful threats).

But then come the end of the game, Naesala's alive and well and diplomat-ing it up. I have zero doubt that Tibarn was fully intending to kill him, and I've got a few theories on what made him change his mind, with various levels of plausibility and interesting-ness:

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I could pretend this is meta but this is really just a massive excuse for me to talk about wolves.

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so guys i really really don't know how to meta but

i'm nothing if not a crowd-follower

and anything that involves filling my f-list with beautiful beautiful posts is something i want to be a part of

so yeah i'll try doing this thing a little bit!

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I'm posting this because the ravens and the herons have given me canon-confirmation headaches every time I've had to write the little bastards, and I've found myself having to look up the same stuff over and over, so I might as well keep all the info in one place to save me some trouble.

(Yes I'm whining even though I've only done a couple bird laguz fics. Shush.)

Feel free to correct me or comment on my random speculations and whatnot; my knowledge of this stuff is far from encyclopedic, and having all the info and thoughts and such in one place would help me out.

Where all have the herons lived and who have been their caretakers? )

When did the Blood Pact plague strike Kilvas? )

Who survived the Serenes Massacre? )

How the hell did that united bird kingdom thing work out? )

Are there non-sentient forms of the animals the laguz transform into? )

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I'm pretty sure the intersection of the sets "people interested in Fire Emblem meta" and "people interested in Magic: the Gathering color types" is like, me and me alone, but OH WELL posting this anyway.

Partially inspired by [livejournal.com profile] professor_tammi's affection for MBTI typing of FE characters, I decided to figure out what colors a whole bunch of FE characters would be if they were placed in Magic: the Gathering.

What the colors mean, for those unfamiliar with Magic. )

And now, for the breakdown. I put a "?" next to characters I felt uncertain about.

Monocolors )
Allied colors )
Enemy colors )
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