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A rather more lighthearted Persona 4 connection that I already blathered to a friend about: so, you know the Aiya Diner in the game which serves that ENORMOUS BOWL OF BEEF that takes ALL YOUR COURAGE/DILIGENCE/ETC to successfully finish it? Well...

So there's exactly one ramen place in Boston. I mean, there are other ramen places, but people generally agree this is the most legit ramen in the city by a wide margin. The place is called Yume Wo Katare, and it's open Tuesday through Saturday, for dinner only, and also it's generally closed one week a month when the owner flies back to visit Japan. But on the evenings when it is open, there's always a huge line out the door, stretching over the block, waiting for a spot at one of the fifteen or so seats.

When you finally get a seat, one of the restaurant staffers gives you a little speech—talking about how their restaurant's name translates to "share your dream," and how eating a bowl of their ramen is like achieving your dream—it takes a lot of hard work and hunger and focus, but it's so worth it in the end. So finish the ramen and you'll know you can achieve your dream!

After you finish eating, but before you leave the restaurant, you must stand up and introduce yourself to the other patrons, tell them what your dream is, and then the chef rates you based on your ramen completion. If you finished the whole bowl, he shouts "perfect!" and everyone cheers. Or if you finished all but the broth, you get a "almost!" Or you get a "next time!" if you didn't get very far, and so on.

So yeah. This is a thing that exists. In hindsight I should've snooped for a place like this while I was in Japan, haha.

(Also, if you're ever in Boston, you should totally eat there. It's awesome. But also make sure you really like pork and garlic, because it's probably the most intensely pork-y broth I've ever had in my life :D;;;)
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  • that green pepper you got at the farmer's market earlier this week
  • a bunch of those mini-onion things you also got at the farmer's market because they looked cute (seriously never saw mini-onions before then they're like fun size)
  • two tomatoes. wait why did you buy tomatoes you don't even like tomatoes that much OH WELL
  • minute rice (holy shit, did you know they make rice that cooks in a minute?! goddamn this will be some delicious shit this was such a revelation)
  • chicken breast
  • soy sauce
  • teriyaki sauce
  • that giant-ass jar of cajun seasoning that you use on literally everything ever because everything is better with cajun spiciness
  • two eggs
  • oh shit you have like a bunch of green onions that are probably going bad in the fridge better throw those in
  • baby carrots, swiped from a nearby college dining hall, because you forgot to actually buy them

Chop up that green pepper, those mini onions, and those carrots. Are you supposed to peel the weird brown skin off those mini onions? Dude that sounds like a fucking pain, just chop them. (Conveniently most of the brown skin seems to fall away as you chop anyway. Double-win!) Also the carrots are a fucking bitch to chop and your knife sucks; swear a lot to lessen the suffering. Also, chop up the chicken breast. Holy damn chicken breast is some oily shit, give up and grab some goddamn giant scissors to chop that shit up with. Wash your hands off because they feel icky. Oh shit, wasn't I supposed to rinse those vegetables before chopping them? I think I remember hearing you were supposed to do that. OH WELL IT PROBABLY WON'T KILL ME AMIRITE

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