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My public stuff is fic updates, meta, and perhaps occasional musings on non-fannish things (writing, birds, etc).

Random life commentary, or general commentary that happens to include potentially personally-identifying information (for some relative value of that term, anyway) is private. I like my secret internet double-life, yo.

If you want to be friends, just leave a comment here (all comments screened). If I've seen you around, or you convince me that we have some stuff in common, I'll probably add you!
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I'm assembling this list and intend to update it periodically, in case I ever enter Yuletide or some other fandom exchange, because there are SO MANY THINGS I WANT FIC OF but I keep forgetting about them hurr durr.
  • Metal Gear Solid prequel fic featuring Big Boss. I want more about him and the Boss and him being all apprentice-y and dweeb-y and d'aww.

  • The Sea of Fertility tetralogy, Honda/Kiyoaki. This is the most obvious ship in the history of slash ships but I can't find any fic for this series and that's a goddamned shame.

  • Renning & Bastian. Or Renning/Bastian. I don't give a damn, I just need more of them in my life.

  • Chrono Cross prequel fic featuring Kidd's childhood and/or time with the Radical Dreamers.

  • FE8, L'Arachel's wacky bedroom adventures, because as [personal profile] raphiael and I have agreed, she's totally into roleplay and it's probably pretty lulz

  • Sokka fic that (1) is not Zuko/Sokka and (2) has something of a chilling/serious tone, because Making the Comic Relief Sad is kind of one of my favorite things. Avatar fandom has totally spoiled me with lots of excellent Zuko/Katara fic, but my poor darling Sokka totally gets left out in the cold ;_;

  • Hunger Games, Finnick Odair backstory

  • Naesala backstory, during the time leading up to his succession to the throne

  • FE9/10, any "darker"/serious take on Kieran

  • Nailah and Volug as startup bros (Nailah being the fast-talking CEO type and Volug being the long-suffering technical cofounder, of course)

  • Final Fantasy 9, Freya and Zidane being broskis backstory
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I'm sort of 100% a sucker for personality tests, personality typification based on arbitrary nerdy things, etc., so here's where I'm collecting my results. I will probably append to this periodically and just link it from my "semi-friends only" entry rather than spamming everyone's f-lists with this nerdery every time :P
  • MBTI 1: ENTP. I score really high on the P (perceiving) category in particular, and pretty high on E (extroversion).

  • Enneagram 2: 9w8. Surprised me at first, since I was expecting 7w8, but yeah, overall I'm pretty chill/trusting/confrontation-adverse, it makes sense.

  • D&D alignment 3: neutral good (which I guess makes me like the worst hacker since I'm pretty sure we're all supposed to be chaotic neutral oops)

  • Magic the Gathering colors 4: Blue/Green.

  • Avatar: the Last Airbender element: Air. I feel like people kind of misinterpret the air nomads as being all ~spiritual~ and ~deep~ and stuff, which they were... but they're also nomads, free-spirits, conflict-adverse (to the point where uh they kinda got wiped out for it)... I'm kind of flighty so it kind of fits :P

* * *

1 http://www.personalitypage.com/html/info.html
2 http://www.eclecticenergies.com/enneagram/test.php
3 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alignment_(Dungeons_%26_Dragons)
4 Writeups on red, green, white, blue, and black, but if you're familiar with the game you can probably intuit how they align with personalities—blue is snobby intellectuals, red is firebrands and rebels, etc


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