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So I started playing Gungnir, at [personal profile] amielleon and [personal profile] intaglionyx's urging, and it got me thinking about game design in general—in particular, it reminded me of this column by the head designer of Magic: the Gathering.

I think the column's reasonably comprehensible even for those without a M:tG background, but the main points I want to talk about here are the different types of game complexity he describes:

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As an aside: having played with Gungnir's beat/team attack system, I'm now quite excited to see what FE13's team attack system will be like—when I first saw it, my knee-jerk reaction was "that looks gimmicky and silly," but the way Gungnir's implemented it is really quite fun, and I'm hoping FE13 can accomplish something similar.

As another aside, that columnist has written a lot about game design, and though most of it's focused on M:tG, he'll occasionally talk about design issues in the general case, and they're well worth reading—I could probably dig up some specific columns as recommended reading, if you happen to be interested.


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